Joe de Salis – 4/11/2010 Message

Subject: CNN interview congratulations

Mr. Edgerton,

Last night as I was scrolling through channels I came upon CNN and the topic of Confederate Pride or Predjudice? I stayed to hear what was being said and I would just like to tell you that you are now a hero of mine in my life. Im 16 years old from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania but I have done reenacting for the 1st Tennessee in the Confederate Military Forces reenacting unit since I was 11 years old along with my father and brother. Since I was able to read I have read nothing but books expanding my knowledge on the great American Civil War. I know everything from building up to the war, to the aftermath of the war. I live a half hour down the road from Gettysburg Battlefield. Last night, everything you said, I was sitting in my living room saying everyone should know this information and that the war wasn’t just about slavery. I think you should be heard of all your sense and knowledge to all the American people and not be interupted. I want to thank you deeply for everything you said and made point of on your interview. Thank You for your time.

Joe de Salis