Jeb Brannock – 4/24/2010 Message

Dear Mr Hk Edgerton

my name is Joseph E Brannock IV but every one calls me Jeb I am from Raleigh North Carolina and I am proud to say I am a southern man, I am also proud to say that I am a infantryman. I have served in the US army for 4 years and have done 1 tour in Iraq. On the right shoulder of my uniform there is a pocket that has a american flag, and inside that pocket I keep a rebel flag I had made. People ask me why I do that and I tell them I am a southern infantryman serving in the us army cus there is a war going on and that’s what a infantryman does, he fights. I also tell them that if the south should rise up I’m taking off the American flag and don my rebel flag grab my rifle and I’ll be south bound to defend the land I love. I hang a rebel flag in my barracks room where I am stationed in fort wainwright alaska. A lot of people see my flag and the first thing they think is racist, and I know how to defend the southern land but this is when I realized that I do not know how to defend the flag nor do I know enogh about the history of the civil war or how it was before and after the civil war. I was hoping you would help educate me on the heritage of our flag and how life was before and after the war and to learn more about the civil war in general so that I can stand up and defend our southern heritage and so I can educate these damn yanks. I looked on the Internet to see if I have any ancesters in the confederate army and I found a list that had 3 men with my last name but I do not know if there is any relations. Do you know if there is a way I could find out if any of my ancesters served in the confederate army? Thank you for your time. God bless Dixie.