Trevor Benson – 4/10/2010 Status Comment

Great job Mr. Edgerton. I noticed you mentioned the Corwin Amendment. Too bad everyone is too uneducated to even understand or know what you were talking about. It seemed to fly right over their head. Next time you should also bring up the Hampton Roads Peace Conference of 1865 where Lincoln met with Confederate representatives to discuss peace. Lincoln said the “Emancipation” Proclamation was only a war measure and that it would be repealed, he also promised that slavery would be protected in the South had they rejoined the Union. The Confederate representatives said they only wanted the States to retain the right to secede and that slavery was not the issue, but Lincoln denyed that they had that right.

So even though the year was 1865 and the CSA was on the verge of collapse the South still didn’t rejoin the Union when offered the chance to retain slavery. Prooving that that’s not what they were fighting for.