Victor Carey – 5/4/2010

Subject: Hi Mr. Edgerton

I’m honored to have you as a friend. You certainly are involved in that in which you feel is right. Apathy runs rampant within the general populace and I consider it as much as an enemy to be fought as those who would take away our creator given birthright of natural freedom. Your compassion for humanity is displayed by your prolific involvement in the causes and ideals you uphold. I aspire to have the energy and will power to emulate your zeal.

Though i would be considered a dark complexioned white man by the unknowing, I know better by historical research and documentation. I am not only part Choctaw but I am black Irish and Italian. The Moor’s occupied southern Italy and most of Spain of which those considered black men comprised much of their armies.

The story of the black Irish is one of a mingling with stranded Spaniards after the failed Spanish invasion of England by an armada. The Irish having been mutual enemies of the English welcomed the Spaniards with open arms.

All that being said I would be in denial if I did not consider myself of multiracial decent. I, believing that all peoples should be proud of their heritage feel pride for all lineage.

compatriot Victor Carey
SCV camp 2134