James Meadows – 4/9/2010 Link Comment

I have not listened to much news lately, but I did hear a little about Confederate History Month. We have days, weeks and months to honor everything else! There are a lot of people that would love to see southern history and the Confederate Flag buried in a deep hole! It’s so dissapointing how you can walk somewhere with a regular American flag… See More, or a State flag or a POW flag. Walk in somewhere with a Confederate flag and listen to the sighs, watch the eyes roll and feel the “you’re racist” vibes bounce off your skin.! In some places you will actually be told to leave because your freedom of expression has been taken away along with the song Dixie, the Pledge of Allegiance and any type of prayer! It may not happen in my lifetime, but sooner or later the ACLU will win and the Stars and Stripes will also be put away because it offends someone! The same people that don’t want to salute the flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance because they believe that “liberty and justice for all” does not apply to them due to their lifestyle or messed up life! The same people that knock our country and system, but stand there with their hand out to receive anything free including food stamps (or whatever fancy word they have for it now), free school lunches, free medical care, free ambulance rides, free this, free that, etc. Yes, a lot of these people are ABLE to work, but won’t because they can suck off of my taxes! Keep all Civil War history alive! 600,000 died both north and south combined! Even their deaths helped give us the right to get on here and express ourselves like this! No, we will all NEVER agree, but by the grace of God (I guess that word will offend someone as well) we have the right to disagree! Now, I’m going to change my profile photo back to my Confederate Uniform! I’m done!