Rhonda Postell – 4/10/2010

Subject: Your CNN Newscast Interview

WOW… Finally… someone who knows history and advocates getting it straight… This isn’t the only issue where our history books are masking the truth. You’re a breath of fresh air! It seems very unfortunate that these “historical facts” are still clouded or ignored by ever present racial biases. Tell it like it tiz HK! My maternal family is many generations living in SW Virginia (Franklin County, Henry County area)… the elders still talked about the significant part played by slaves during the Civil War for the state of Virginia and for The South. I am a 60 year old white professional… my genealogy indicate that Booker T. Washington was my 9th cousin and I’m quite proud to proclaim my connection. Keep giving Virginia it’s due pride, dignity, and true history to anyone who’ll listen.

My thanks for your efforts and courage.

Rhonda Postell