Jamie Funkhouser – 5/18/2010 Message

Subject: A march of honor

Mr. Edgerton. I am planning a march sometime between this winter and next summer to honor Confederates and the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States. Im just in the thought process now, but i am very serious about this. I am thinking of a multi state travel like what you did fom North Carolina to Texas. Im thinking somthing like Montgumery Al to Richmond VA or something smaller like Chaleston SC. to Richmond VA. Confederate history is my life and i want to raise awareness and honor our ancestors. If you would be intersted, in just a part or anything i would greatly appriciate any support. Like I said, I am only in the thought process of this right now but i am verry serious about doing the march. thank you for your time. i hope to hear from you.

Jamie Funkhouser

PS. If you would like to know a lil about me i was recently in the Winston-Salem Journal