Melissa King Capps – 6/2/2010 Message

Thank you my friend! I went and spoke to the principle and although he agrees with our cause and is a Confederate descendant himself, he claims that he is only trying to avoid controversy and that there was an apparent incident at school a couple of weeks ago that caused him to feel that a situation could escalate out of control and that he just didn’t want to offend anyone. I told him that Jesus Christ offended people when he was here but did that mean we weren’t suppose to mention His name? Absolutely not! It wasn’t my Ashley that this happen too it was a good friend of hers. My baby Holt will be going to this school the year after next and I told him that my baby would be wearing the Confederate flag everyday and that if that was going to be a problem with that I would definately be hiring the Southern Legal Resource Center to resolve the matter at that time if necessary. The name of the school is Flat Rock Middle School and the address is 191 Preston Lane East Flat Rock NC 28726 The school is located just off Spartanburg Highway on West Blue Ridge Road then to Preston Lane. If ever your schedule permits and you decide to stand in front of the school I will proudly stand with you my friend! Just let me know when. I will definately hug the babies for you. God bless you friend!