Belle Boyd – 6/19/2010 Message

Re: SC Relic Room

Mr. Edgerton,

We just received the same letter. We were also denied a permit to assemble today also. The SCV is positive they can save it and wanted us to back off the rally and we have done so even before the permit was refused, but I was angry they denied the permit.

I will email you so you may have a record of my email and we should keep in touch. I was told over 20,000 documented emails reached our representatives from our efforts alone. It is not much I know in the scheme of things but I am proud of the support we gathered in a short time.

I thank you for your support and I am glad to know you are following our problems here. I have learned several interesting facts though and it seems several states have closed or moved their history museums containging civil war artifacts. Plus one state named a highway after the Iron Brigade and then refused to put up road signs saying if they wanted them they would have to pay for them.