Anna Vallone – 7/13/2010 Message

Dear Mr Edgerton,

I am very depressed over what Obama is doing to our country….and now the New Black Panthers are saying they want to kill “crackers” and our babies, and they support Obama, and he supports them!

I am very depressed, and I feel hate for many blacks because of this. I can admit this to you. I was raised by a colored lady named Miss Lula Cochran, she raised my daddy too. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA (I am a Yankee Confederate.)

I am sitting here, crying right now as I type this, wondering why colored folk can’t all be like Miss Lula, you and the other honorable colored folk I’ve had the honor to know in my life, like my piano student Sarah Garret, who was also from the South, like Miss Lula was.

I remember when I was 5, sitting watching the old bacl and white Tv at grandpop Abe’s house…Miss Lula was babysitting me…the news came on and it had black militants marching on TV. Miss Lula said, “Those niggers ain’t nothing but trouble for your people and mine”. I never forgot her saying that. This was in 1965 or so, I’m 51 now.

Mr Edgerton, sir, I don’t WANT to hate. I don’t like to hate. It makes me feel crappy. I don’t like feeling this way but Miss Lula was right. God help all of us.

With sincerity and sorrow,