Bobby Edwards – 7/19/2010 Message

If you ever get to Richmond, and you would like to visit the Confederate War Memorial Chapel – I would love to give you an Interpretative Tour of the Chapel. As a Vietnam Veteran, to me this Chapel built by Veterans for all of the Confederate Veterans who Lost their Lives in the Civil War [260,000+]. The Chapel became a Sanctuary for those seeking to be closer to God, and Is the Chapel where more than 1,700 Civil War Vets had their Final Farewell “Roll Call Service” in the Sanctuary. The Chapel Windows are excellent tributes to the sacrifice and service of men in war. The Chapel Organ donated by a Union G.A.R. Post from Lynn Massachusetts, and the Cottages the Soldiers lived in on the grounds of the R. E. Lee Camp No. 1 CV were supported and donations provided by many G. A. R. Posts and Union Soldiers from throughout the Country. To Me – This Chapel and the Soldiers’ Home Grounds are Sacred, and in My Opinion – This is Where the Country put aside it’s differences from the Reconstruction and Came Together. It’s a National Symbol of Reconciliation, and I would be proud to Present the History to You.

Bobby Edwards
Da Nang, Vietnam 1968-1969
VFW Veteran
Lee-Jackson Camp No. 1 SCV