Stephanie Nichole Leonard – 8/13/2010 Wall Post Comment

I plan on it HK. You will be a breath of fresh air.. you wont see or hear the truth in our public schools.If folks want to speak out against the Christian Cross of St Andrew than they most certainly need to speak out against the American Flag. It was under that flag that Native Americans were slaughtered and oppressed and it was the ship owners in the North that were on the dirty ends of the purse string with slavery. Ive seen Roots,Ive seen Queen etc and alot of that did happen like that, but most slave owners werent Simon Legares and I dont apologize for slavery but my Irish ancestors were brought here as indentured servants and were less valued than the most common slave. Yet you dont hear me whining about it. Its what was,, the past lets learn from it and move on. In this world of politcal correctness people have forgotten that it was their own kind that got the blacks into slavery in the first place.