Michael Huye – 8/12/2010 Wall Post Comment

The Left will call you an Uncle TOM TOM for that one. While I know that it started out to protect people that were disenfranchised by the war, it’s weakest links were responsible for atrocities that were spawn in the pits of hell. Strange fruit….comes to mind.

If we are to rebuild our society on the best of Southern virtues I think we’ll have to denounce the worst. My family never participated in anything organization formed to keep men apart or unequal.

Though innocent, as a disciple, I am responsible to be the reflection of light. I am a Christian, Southerner, American. I have always felt that way. I could not live outside the south. I would die. Don’t ask me why, I am telling you it is so.

I don’t know where men like you come from, I am only glad that I share the earth with such folk. Makes me feel less insignificant.

I hope you will visit: http://www.facebook.com/l/d6913;www.patriotsmemorialcenter.com

We are building a center to tell the truth about our founding fathers. Love to have your support. TOO FEW american blacks know their rights, and heritage the Constitution affords them. We need to get the word out.

God bless you