Grace Messenger – 9/6/2010 Wall Posting

Hey! Hey! Hey! I looked on; and found Jewish and black confederates in MY family!!!!!!! Wow, I knew it God don’t care! Sweet. Wish everyone was colorblind. Blacks wow. I have never met them but I am proud and miss them. Shalom. Why do northern blacks believe lies. My ancestors fought for the south. I knew my family mixed with Native American. So I can say I’m a Jewish-Black-Cherokee-Asian Confederate American. Oooh, boy. I look European though! WTF. Jewish people have no qualms about race. If its love oh well. If we owned slave it was a pretense to expand our extended family. Master to the public just to make it look good. Dad SIS ma brother privately. Family. Bet the abolutionists secretly smiled. We did. Everyone worked together. Played together. Gods way or the hiway!