BJ Hamblin – 10/1/2010 Wall Post Comment

God Bless you too Mr. Edgerton, perhaps now that 150 years have almost passed on these stirring events, the slander that has been set up as “History” will no longer need to blanket the south and it’s people in shame. If only the “History Channel” would hire someone to tell them that UFO’s and Big Foot are not history – and that the south fell 150 some years ago, while fighting off a staggeringly overpowered invasion of her soil.

Seeing you stand up for your southern heritage gives me great hope that the half-formed and unneeded animosity surrounding these great men and deeds need not linger indefinitely in this proud nation we all share. You give me hope sir, I cannot thank you enough.

Your humble and obedient servant,

B.J. Hamblin