Stephan Nicolas Prevot Legarde – 9/30/2010 Message

Subject: Sir


i would be honored to conduct a telephone interview with you pertaining to your life, your heritage and the pride you have in your heritage. I am a writer with an extensive military and Law Enforcement past (I will post a link to the blog I have just created at the end of this message so that you may find out about who I am).

I’m in the process of being published and hope to be a recognized author in my own right in the months and years to come. I am also sympathetic to the Confederate cause and interested in such issues as race relations and related issues (sub culture in the African-American community, crim in the black community etc) that are eating away at the very fabric of our nation.

I hope to hear from you. If you should grant me this interview i will ofcourse post it on my blog but also work at spreading what it is that you have to say in the “North”, notably in NYC where an individual such as yourself is not only unheard of, but baffles the liberal minded constituents of that city.

I also hope we can establish regular emails and communications that we may enlighten the public as to how “things” should really be. At a time when race relations are strained and tensions in certain parts of our cities are about to break apart (as I witnessed while in Law Enforcement), I believe you have a vital message of hope that can be brought to people.

Sincerely and respectfully,