Rick Stringer – 10/3/2010 Message

Subject: Greetings

Dear Sir:

I just wanted to say “Thank You!” for representing all that is decent and honorable among Southren Gentlemen.

I recently had the pleasure to view your insights on slavery and the southern life and was pleasantly pleased that it was so well represented. To say there was no cruelty among slave-owners would be a lie, however, my family were slaveowners, and quite the opposite of that conception. The slaves owned by my family were more a part of our family than slaves. My ancestors called the women raising them “Mammy” and that still goes on today as this is what we call our grandmothers.

Mr. Edgerton, I am PROUD to have you as a brother in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and even more so that you are also a Friend here on Facebook! I’d be more than happy to whip out a good ole Rebel Yell and fight ‘longside you!