Kimberly Stooksbury Haase – 10/17/2010 Message

Subject: I need more info.

Hi, H.K.!

Sammy and I just returned from a wonderful Fall vacation in Massanutten, VA. We took a tour bus to romp and stomp on War Between the States battlefields. The tour guide was a Confederate re-enactor. He actually taught and spoke the truth about the War!!!

He explained to the whole busfull of people that Lincoln was the most impeachable President of all! I gave him an amen! He challenged all to read the emancipation proclamation.

Am I understanding correctly? He said under the EP, slaves were to be freed in the Confederate states. However, the Confederate states were no longer part of the U.S. Therefore, the EP did not apply. Additionally, it did not free slaves of the North? The EP freed no one?!

Do you have a book for me to get a better understanding of black people during the War between the States period? I need to teach Sammy so he can pass it on!

I started thinking about black people when we visited New Market. I have so many questions about the subject! Why or did they flee the South? I’ve been hearing about the mass exit lately.

The tour guide explained that slaves were low wage earners like other races are today. Is that right?

We toured the Bushong house in New Market. We were told the slaves had quarters in the kitchen. They slept upstairs with their children. I looked and thought that was a great place to be in the winter. It was probably hot in the summer.

I enjoy learning this important history. I’m still “green”! The UDC, SCV and re-enactors “assume” everyone is one the same page. I have lots of WHY questions that need to be satisfied.

Have a pleasant evening and I look forward to your answers!