Dawn Michelle Hornsby McGillem – 10/19/2010 Message

Subject: Civil War Question

I have not yet had the opportunity to hear you speak and I can hardly wait until I get to. My father, cousins and husband went to “guard” you at Chattanooga because of hecklers (if memory serves me correctly) and YOU were the hot topic for a while at camp because of your motivating speech.

Anyways, here is my question: All to often our children are taught that the South were bad people because they had slaves and that this is the reason the Civil War was started. Yet growing up I had heard from my family that the war had began because of states rights. Which is true? There seems to be stories on the History channel that mainly say because of slavery, but in my readings, slavery was not an issue until the Emancipation Proclamation. What does a person do when the schools are teaching our children that the Civil war was fought over slavery?