Timothy Fredrikson – 10/29/2010 Status Comment

HK … Once again … YOU stand as one of the few voices of reason, & of THE TRUTH, in a world that chooses to put on blinders, & throw a wet blanket over anything that even “offends” them … for whatever petty reason that they may have!! It has been proven over & over again that it doesn’t matter that it’s an important part of our history, & that IT IS NOT a symbol of racisim, but is a MILITARY FLAG … the ANV Battle Flag … that the “Southern Cross” will always be lableed as that symbol of petty racism by ALL of those idiots too blind to learn their own history!! HK … YOU are a true Southern Hero, & an OUTSTANDING Herald of that what MUST BE KNOWN … THE TRUTH!!

Your eloquent words always move me, & I will always salute you … ESPECIALLY when I am wearing my BLUE uniform!! THANK YOU for doing that, in which you so strongly believe … & putting forth the information which irritates those unthinking & unknowing folks so very much … THE HISTORICAL TRUTH!!!

Racial prejudice goes BOTH ways, & the unseeing courts are proving just how prejudiced that they are!!!