Paul Gant – 10/29/2010 Status Comment

H. K.;

God bless you and your ability to so clearly poke holes in the fog they have created so that they may control people. Why these fools would rather lord over beaten down, ignorant, subservient waifs than stand shoulder to shoulder with strong people free to succeed or fail on their own merit with the help of friends and neighbors. I remember a friend of mines father telling him that all of his friends are losers and addicts and my friend said ” But they will follow me anywhere.” The people that perpetuate the lies and keep good men down are incapable of leading real fully engaged up to their potential Americans so they create a kingdom of the downtrodden to rule over. Until we can convince people to cast off the shackles of politicians (he turns and spits) look to their left and right and become one nation under God we will never know what we are capable of.
Thank you and please take care of yourself there is so much work to do.