Eddie Brown – 11/21/2010 Message

Subject: A problem.

I’m very sorry to bother you Mr. Edgerton, but my name is Eddie Brown. I live in Cloverdale IN, and I have a major problem. Almost all the people at my school are uneducated and continue to call the Confederate flag racist. The thing that happened that started this was when I brought my Confederate flag to school, and I was insulted, had things thrown at me, and was forced to leave the flag in my locker when someone tried to throw it in the trash. I am willing to speak with my principle and superintendent to have you speak at my school, if you are willing to come and educate them. God bless.


Dear Eddie,

God bless you. You are deep in Yankee land. While I would have no honor higher than coming to your school in your support, I am afraid that nobody in the administration or teaching staff of the federal school system you are in wants to hear what I have to say. I love you for your courage, and don’t think for one moment that I would not come to your school . Please send some of thse folks to my website: www.southernheritage411.com, and again God bless you.

Your brother,