Sheila Steele Hunt – 1/29/2011 Message

Subject: Your Civil War ancestors

My dear H.K.,

Hope this note finds your well and continually moving forward with the charge of keeping the true history of the Old South! I surely wish you would consider posting a picture of some Civil War ancestors/veterans on our page at It doesn’t matter what county or what state they are from. We are trying to encourage preservation of Civil War memorabilia at the Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, which should be renamed since it is a “regional” repository for manuscripts, artifacts and photographs, crossing state and county boundaries.

We want to encourage lots of postings on the page for this, and it should be an asset to our SCV as well. Be sure to put the county he’s from (Doesn’t have to be Sullivan or even from the State of TN!) and the unit he served in. Thanks for your help!