Mikey Barbs Barbato – 2/3/2011 Post Comment

the war was on states rights. the south paid 80 percent of taxes though was only 30 percent of the population. many blacks willingly fought. the majority of the southern population did NOT own slaves. confed general lee freed his slaves before union general grant. abe lincoln wrote that if he could save the union without ending slavery, he would. the north had sweatshops where immigrants had to work for 12 hours, hazerdous conditions, diseases, and btw there was no minimum wage, so they got paid terribly. Confederate flag = 4 years of slavery American flag = 40 years of slavery, flag flew on slave ships oh, by the way, abe lincoln said that blacks were inferior. slavery is wrong, but the north was also wrong, and the south was going to free their slaves eventually. and HK does NOT support slavery. he supports his ancestors that fought for his homeland, and he supports his homeland. when one looks at the confederacy as simply a slavery nation, they are extremely ignorant. there was a lot more to this war.