Jonathan Horsley – 2/8/2011 Link Comment

Southerners bought their slaves from Northerners. In 1808 our vote was very substantial in prohiniting the importation of slaves into America. The Confederates States government, in fact, were considering the freeing of negroes just before the close of the war. Stonewall Jackson, because he could not educate negroes in the public system, educated them in Sunday school. Today, there still stands a church in Virginia with a Confederate flag in the colored window, because the black man who requested the window said he found Christ through his parents who found Christ through Stonewall Jackson. Your people did not declare war to free the slaves. Understand that. The Confederate government did not declare war to preserve slavery. The Federal government at first proposed an amendment to extend slavery until the year 1900, but the South gave no consent. The Emancipation Proclamation was written to free the slaves in the Confederate States, and not those in Union-controlled states. You say that may claim of Lincoln of being racist is exagerated. My claim is based on how you defined “racism” when applying it to Jeff Davis. If Davis was racist, by your definition, then so was Lincoln. Even you just said the “men in blue in fact were racists”, but by this same definition of yours, Lincoln was not? The institution of slavery was not as simple as you probably think. The Southern plantation owner commonly had the view that negroes were a tribal people who first needed to be gradually assimilated into the civilized world before being pre-maturely freed. Your Federal government tolerated slavery far longer than the Confederate government. Children were forced into labor in the North, and when the war began, many Union officers owned slaves. The pre-mature freeing of negroes led them to crime and starvation, and the crimes committed during reconstruction divided the Southern Whites and Blacks, and Yankee propaganda further divides Southern Whites and Blacks while the anti-Southerner contradicts him and herself when encouraging racial unity. I’ve had plent Black friends spend the night at my house as a teenager, and hangout, while three Confederate flags hung on my bedroom wall. I’ve seen where a Guatemalian man saved a woman from being robbed in New York, then he was stabbed, lying bleeding on the sidewalk, while over two-dozen New York Yankees walked by and did not help him. He died. That would not happen in most parts of the South, especially the smalltowns and rural areas. Just last year I helped a Black man who fell from having a heat stroke, and I picked up a black man on the side of the road in the pouring rain and lightning. There is a difference between how Southerners and Northerners generally percieve the definition of racism. In the North, it’s percieved that anyone who says the “n” word or flies a Confederate flag is racist. In the South, we percieve racism as such acts watching a fellow human being of another race lie dying on a city sidewalk. I had a Latina girl from Brookyln once tell me she heard Alabama was “racist”, as if it’s a single entity or something. In later conversation, she hypocritically stated that she didn’t like the Black girls on her block, and the latinas and blacks there did not like each other. Somehow she thinks we are the racists. I’m not concerned with trying to claim who the real racists are. It’s irrelevant. The truth is there is bad history in the North and the South, amongst Black and White, etc. There are two sides to every story, and we don’t just read the Yankee side of the story and believe in that. For every Yankee half-truth on tv, there is another half to that side of the story to debunk the Yankee propaganda. Truth cannot be hidden forever. And while you are sincerely opposed to the Southern people, you have revealed you Northern character through your anger and the calling of names of myself and my people. You also states how your people “kicked our butts”, and I feel sorry for any person who makes such a statement when considering that when the North won the war, the United States of America was defeated. Your government and people may have won politically and militarily, but it is undeniable that the South won the spiritual revival while many Federal troops became spiritually corrupted in the spoils of victory. In the eyes of man, winning politically is more important, but in the eyes of God, winning spiritually is more important. Your anger and prejudice against Southern people helps prove this fact. But, there are plenty of Northerners who are decent people, and very, very many Southern sympathizers, a.k.a. Confederate Yankees. Of course, maybe not in Brooklyn, but definitely so in upstate New York. In fact, Lincoln imprisoned many New York journalists for speaking against the Federal government. A town in New York also seceded from the Union and supported the Confederacy. This is my last reply to you. I will let you have the last word. I’m sure it will reflect your character. And keep in mind, your empire will not survive forever, but the South will.