Zacharias Tims – 2/17/2011 Message

Subject: Help!

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

Firstly I want to say that you mean so much to the movement for the truthful remembrance of our mutual heritage of honor. Your noble cause and selfless efforts are patriotic.
I need your help, brother! Last weekend I attended the 150th Anniv. celebration and reenactment of the surrender of the US regular army in Texas to secessionist militia in 1861. There was at least 100 of us in uniform in front of a crowd of hundreds at the sacred Alamo. I wish you were there! It was a happy scene.

But on Monday morning I told my boss about it and it became my peril! Because just so happened he’d read a deeply Southern history denier article in Texas Observer: Seceding from History. Armed with the biased material he acused my lifetime and lifestyle of learning about a period in history hidden from today’s schools and media as biased. Though the article had only one period source it was two pages worth of views on Confederate history with words like whitewashed, Neo-Confederate, and rewriting history. It quotes an unknown called Michale Phillips saying “The Sons of Confederate Veterans are the Holocaust deniers of American history. ”

Robert, my boss, was a little more hostile than I think anyone should be about a peaceful interest in heritage. (A not uncommon response when we tell others of our common respect for the Confederate soldier).

May you please write him for me (something about yourself, what you believe, and how most Americans are misled about our ancestors and their symbols)?

Should I regret sharing my experience with a “superior” or worse, defending it? There is nothing else I feel like I can do to help him have a more truthful understanding about the sixth flag over his state’s history. What do you think I should do?

Please consider writing Mr. Schmidt, my boss. I let him know I asked you.

Thank you so much Mr. Edgerton! I will post some photos of the San Antonio surrender soon.

Zacharias Tims
Alpine, TX

p.s. The author of the Texas Observer article Seceding from History is David Martin Davies. E-mailing the editor,


From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Thu, Feb 17, 2011
Subject: Fwd: Zacharias Tims sent you a message on Facebook…

Dear Zacharias,

Please send your boss first to my web site: He can learn a lot about me and how I feel. And I don’t mind, time permitting, interacting with him. However, share this with him for me, “the Sons of Confederate Veterans as an organization and its members are as honorable an institution as any that has ever dawned this planet”.

As Southerners we know that we are like our ancestors; the protectors of what the very fabric of this nation was founded upon. The cold war persists between the North and South of this country because when the day is done, the South was right. Slavery is only a red herring. And here we stand again, out manned, the last frontier to save the Confederate Constitutional Republic that was engulfed with the spirit of Christianity and the Almighty God. Sure, one as an adversary must rid the environment in the Southland of America of the one symbol in the history of this nation and the honor of those who rallied around it against tyranny; “the Confederate Battle Flag”! God bless you.

Your brother,