Mike Wilson – 2/18/2011 Message

Mr. H.K.

I want to thank you for responding to my daughters (Michaela Wilson) email concerning her schools blindness to our true heritage. Not to mention her first amendment right to free speech. I heard form a mutual friend (Melissa Capps) that today you were at a school in flat rock, my daughter was so excited to know that you were there, she attends Flat Rock middle school, as was myself, I only wished that I could have been there with you to help hold our banner high!!!! If you should ever return please let me know meeting you would be such a privalege! I had a meeting with her principal last year over the flag on the Dixie Outfitter shirts, he is a person to whom I have no respect for as a person or as someone put in charge of a body of impressionable children. He only says what he thinks will get you off his back. He had the nerve to tell me that he thought we were alot alike, I politley told him that if we were anything alike that this conversation would not be taking place! THANK YOU FOR BEING A HERO TO MYSELF AND MY DAUGHTER!! Keep up the good work if there is anything that I may do to be any help to you please do not hesitate to ask if I am able I will. If you ever get over this way again please let me know. Happy birthday God bless.

Michael Wilson