Scott McCall – 2/20/2011 Message

Subject: A little wisdom and advice is needed

Hey HK,

This is fellow son of the South Scott McCall from South Carolina. Recently i’ve been looking on facebook and have been noticing one individual named John Tucker who has been posting on anything SCV related or the Confederate News facebook site. He has been antagonizing and attacking with reckless abandoned anything and everything Confederate. It appears to me he is looking for a fight or argument.

Everything in my unreconstructed, Southern being wants to reeducate him and interject but i know it’s probably not the best thing. He has tried to defame our heritage and our proud organization. What would you recommend to folks like me who are concerned about people visiting pro-south sites looking for a fight or to rile we Southrons up?

Also, he brought up a point that i really wanted to chime in but decided not to. We both know Lincoln unitlaterally suspended the writ of habeaus corpus and issued an arrest warrant for Taney. This Tucker keeps saying well Lincoln is a Tryant why don’t any of the “southerners” talk about Jeff Davis being a tryant too. He suspended it as well. Having researched this i found that in 1862 Confederate Congress gave Jeff Davis the authority to suspend. Lincoln as we both know, assumed and usurped this power given to Congress, not the executive branch, for himself.

What would you recommend to help soothe my concerns on this issue? I will remain neutral in these discussions on Facebook. Again it does upset me to see this person attacking our sacred, proud Southern Heritage. People are standing up to him but are not stating enough information to rebut his claims.

Hk, do you have any advice for a humble, unreconstructed Southern gentlemen who is having his honor and the honor of his ancestors ruthlessly and relentlessly attacked?

Thanks for your time Sir!

Confederately yours,
Scott McCall

p.s. Thanks for all you do to purport the true history of the South and the place of honor and dignity those who look just like you have served and sacrificed under the Christian cross of St Andrew. I hope to have the honor of meeting you one day and shaking your hand!