Andrew Flemming – 3/16/2011 Message

Re: Petition To Keep H.K. Edgerton On Facebook

H.K Edegerton

Did you grow exhausted In Ringgold Ga? Did you lose faith in Texas? You have fought the good fight but havent finshed the coarse, Facebook is an outlet for you to speak your mind. I assure you most of the people on your page care to hear what you have to say. You teach a subject that has been lost for 150 years. The cross you carry is your battle flag and this is your battle cry to never give up faith. You are a Mosby & Forrest balled into one quick and cuning. You have chosen a path more nobler than anything going on in America, and far more interesting. Whatever you choose to do I will respect it but you have nothing to fear or any reprisals. Southern People Adore You, The South Loves You! And if you offended one yankee in the process it was well worth it!!! Be Good!