Cherina M. Davis – 3/17/2011 Message

Mr. Edgerton,

For years I have taught children to the best of my ability. I didn’t always reach every single child or young adult that crossed through my door but, I tried. I have always used you as an example of truth and a person of integrity when discussing history in our beloved South.

It would be such a loss to the younger generations of people if they could not hear your message and see a living, breathing example of what a gentleman of the South truly embodies. You, Sir, are one of the few great teachers left with us…a role model, a leader. A man with a purpose in life that can change so many if they listened to your words and followed your example, emulating how you live.

Don’t leave! You have such a huge following and can touch the lives of so many people through Face Book. Please teach the POSITIVE message. Don’t teach the young people who have had the opportunity to hear you, to meet you and to speak with you….Sir, don’t teach them to run and hide when ignorance shows its head. That is the opposite of everything you have accomplished to date. Teach the truth, demonstrate integrity and show the young men (and women) looking to you as an example just exactly how a gentleman handles adversity….with truth and no fear of the ignorant spreading hate.
Thank you for your time Mr. Edgerton. You are a blessing and I pray you will stay here with us.