John Stones – 3/16/2011 Message

HK, you don’t know me from Adam’s house cat but I admire you, my brother! I’ve been a friend of yours for some time, I’m a Baptist minister, Chaplin and VP of the fb group “Southern Heritage Preservation Group”, and numerous other Southern Heritage organizations. My wife grew up in East Flat Rock, NC where you took a stand for us at the school in the past few weeks. I wrote you about a character we had trouble with at Southern Heritage Preservation Group that went by the name Kindred Blood (Corey Meyers) who ran a blog he called “Blood of my Kindred”. He was listed as being a friend of yours but is nothing more than a trouble maker! His “boss”, Kevin Levin, has lost his job as a “history” teacher in Charlottesville, VA and the 2 of them became very vindictive. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know but just in case, you may want to get rid of any of these characters. You will be in my prayers as you decide your future here on fb. We are behind you, my brother! Keep standing for truth! DEO VINDICE!