Mike Barbato – 3/15/2011 Wall Posting

Dear HK,

I sent you a message but in case you do not see it, I’ll write here.

I used to be a good friend of Anthony Coiro. I’m from Brooklyn. We haven’t been friends for a few weeks now. He is not even my facebook friend anymore. I’ve realized that Anthony has no respect for others, and enjoys sparking facebook fights with others. He’s done this to me, too.

With that said, Anthony does not have many close friends, but you do. Anthony does not have the respect from others that you have. Anthony is one troubled person, while you are an honorable man that supports Southern heritage. Please do not let this one troubled person influence you to delete your facebook. You are a great man and I am personally hurt to see you feel so down.

There are always going to be the select few that act like clowns, but don’t let them affect your well being. God bless