Dan Carbaugh – 3/15/2011 Message

Subject: please sir do not leave

Mr Edgerton I am not on your list, but you were my friend on Isle of Wight Avengers camp#14 page. Sir you are our biggest asset to the cause for which we all believe in including yourself. You are a inspiration to not just the SCV but to all of us that revere and admire you sir. You are the biggest outspoken johnny reb of us all and I know this may sound kind of idiotic because its FaceBook but I do knoe you have been ridiculed way more than any other because of your ethnicity, and what you stand for , and support. So to me if you leave Facebook and let this NO GOOD YANKEE BLUE BELLY drive you off sir then you not only quit on the SCV and all of us who revere you so much your also quitting your ancestors as well. You sir with your revealing light on the truth is what has made you who you are in everyones eyes and our organization as a whole. I do not want you to quit sir please stay keep up the fight because we have not and neither did our ancestors either sir. Sincerely ,

Compatriot at your side,
Daniel Carbaugh