Glenda Few Tomaszewski – 3/15/2011 Wall Posting

Brother HK, I read some of the filth Coiro wrote on your wall. First, click on his profile and underneath all of the material on the left hand side, click “report this person” and report him for harrassment. His language/topics of discussion are beyond inappropriate. Second, block him from your page. He will no longer be able to contact you. He has no class and is seeking attention. We Southerners know better than to conduct ourselves in such a way. We were raised to have manners and conduct ourselves with dignity.

Coiro, I hope you read this. My husband is from New Jersey, but he is a proud Southerner by Choice. You could learn from him. He is a real man who knows what it means to be respectful, especially around ladies and children. He also knows how to respect a man like Brother HK. Stop embarrassing yourself. We’re fine down here in the South. Take care of your New Yawk mess.

In Christ’s Love, Brother HK!
Your Sister, Glenda