William Dean – 3/15/2011 Message


My name is William Dean and I’am a member of Camp #4 (Secession in Charleston, SC). I’m very concerned that this angry young man could be a threat to his school and community. I have many years in uniform in service to this country both in the military and my local community (Law Enforcement). I have the ph. #’s should you desire to get in touch with his school. The disciplinary principal at Xaverian High School is at 718-836-7100 xt. 200 and the website is at http://www.facebook.com/l/8e149HPVipdGAzIdmsw2Xfuivcg/Xaverian.org. This troubled young man is probably his schools computers to send out his vitriol and should be addressed so we do not lose you here on Facebook. If you should like to lodge a complaint about this person to his local NYPD precinct then please call the 46th precincts crime prevention line at 718-220-5224 or the detective div. at 718-220-5216. Unless you lodge a complaint with this persons school he will go on using the schools time and computers to pour out more of the same retoric that he has lately. I will be happy to back you up in thiis endeavor should you want to give it a try. I want to also take this time to thank you for standing up to these attacks and being the good christian man that you are. Deo Vindice… In the bonds of southern brotherhood… Bill Dean