Asherwood Lakabee – 3/29/2011 Message

Never Give Up!

Hk, Suh, secretly, between you and me, when I was 13-14 years old in junior high, I was going steady with a young Southern man that was 19-20. He came from West Virginia and was here in Cleveland, Ohio living with his friend. While I attended school, somehow all the students found out that I was going with a Southern man and they immediately labeled him a “Rebel”. I suffered many “in person” indignities, including threats that I’d better drop him or else… I was even physically assaulted. Being scared going to school everyday should not have been included in my curriculum. Let me tell you that these groups of students that were doing this to me were both white and black. I did not break off my relationship with my boyfriend. I stood alone in this, stood up to this, and I prevailed, even through fear. Now, during the course of my relationship with him, I found out that he was in fact prejudice. My girlfriend had a male friend that was black. One day we were playing lawn darts in my backyard and she was there. He started making racial slurs toward her and she cried. I kept asking him to stop and he wouldn’t. I got so mad for his making her cry that I through my lawn dart his way and it landed underneath the lawn chair he was sitting on directly between his legs. Needless to say he was very surprised! He stopped calling her names. Well, he found out I was not a racist. I defended him in school and I defended my friend, all alone, and against all odds and consequences facing. We did not stop going steady but he did know my feelings and respected them. Hk, Suh, I am female and I was 13 and 14 years old then. I remember it all very well. Those students did not know he was prejudice, they never met him they just labeled him, just like he labeled my friend.

Hk, Suh, I have much affection for those here in this FB community born of Southron heritage and I stand with them. I stand as well with you, Suh. Look at how many friends you have here compared to me. Why, I am even alone here in the North being born with no ties to either North or South, but my father said to me when I was very young, “Stand up for your principles.” I admired my father greatly and that became as law to me. I’ve stood alone many times on principles and I’ve won every battle.

There are those in the Confederacy that are prejudice against blacks because they have been swayed by Northern propaganda to believe that the Union were “freeing the slaves” and through that end feel that they lost lives and property because of Northern Aggression solely for that reason. They don’t realize that by their own ears listening to Union propaganda that they have become enslaved themselves to that hate and can never break free unless they stop listening. In any case, there are hate groups and individuals that hate for various reasons. In understanding this we have an advantage over them.

Do not relinquish your right to be here for anyone, unless there is no longer a cause for you to defend. The strength of one is your shield, Suh, as is mine, but yours, Suh, holds many, I would be so honored if you would please add me to yours.

My assist is here at your call.

With great respect to you,