Bobby Brown – 4/16/2011 Message

hey hk my name is bobby brown and i am a confederate renacter and I just want to thank you for defending our heritage.


Dear Bobby, God bless you. It’s the least that I or anyone who calls themselves Southern could do. My mama left me in the hands of the women of the South, and I can tell you they set the Bar very high. When you look into the eyes of the women of the UDC, or the Ladies of the Order of the Confederate Rose, or Ms. Emily McDonald, one of theirs from Tennessee, or Ms. Anna Warnke of Georgia and all her siblings, or Ms. Diamone Mays, a young Black baby girl from Asheville, who demanded the cleaning of the Confederate soldiers monument on the Courthouse grounds; her birthday was yesterday, April 14th, or Ms. Dixie Horky or her daughter Amanda always in the trenches with you watching your back, or Ms. Ellen and Ms. Pat from Alabama who set the Bar so high, tolerate no foolishness, and will whip you, boy oh boy, Or Ms. Chelsa Marie Hernandez, my Presidential Running Mate, a Real Southern Belle, so smart that I already plan on giving her the keys to the Oval Office a day after the Inauguration, or the ladies that make you feel that you are in the protective arms of mama (Ms. Lunelle of Florida, Ms. Laura and her sister from North Carolina, Mrs. Thomas from Tennessee, Ms. Judi from South Carolina, Ms. Sandra from Alabama, Ms. Charlotte from Mississippi, Ms. Johanna from Texas, Mrs. Rainey from Georgia, and the leader of the Pack, Ms. Sissy of Odum), or the Quiet Storm, Ms Candice Yvonna Hardwick of Latta who, like the aforementioned you see a kindness, a toughness, a spirit of unshakable determination like the women before them to make a Stand in Dixie Land no matter the odds stacked against them. They set the Bar very high. God bless you.