Ida Clark Atkins – 5/1/2011 Message

Re: Honor

Mr Edgerton, I am honored to write to you today. Facebook will not allow me to ask you as a fiend but I would like to let you know that I admire a man such as yourself. You my sir represent what is right and good in this world. In my book of hero’s and important people I have placed you at the top along side the brethern. You to me speak volumes, not only on your stance to the South but to mankind in general. I was taught that a man should never be judged but the color of his skin or by the faith that he followed. A man should only be judged by what is true and good in him. The only color there is, is the color of a man’s heart. It is either white with the light of God or black with the stain of Sin and Evil! You sir are the kind of man whom I believe will stand before God on the judgement day and be praised for the good that is in you! My beliefs are strong and I see the good you do for all people, may you always find the strength to keep up the fight for truth and what is right for everyone! Deo Vindice and God Bless


Dear Ms. Ida,

Now you’ve gone and gave me a case of the “Big Head ” this morning. I love you. And I’m going to take this wonderful message right over to Terry Lee, my little brother, and all his cohorts that have called me a Yankee because I don’t eat grits or watermelon. On the serious side, I am so honored by your remarks. However, I am just a messenger. I have met so many heroes and heroines, and even as John Paul was being beatified into Sainthood, I could have nominated several dozen that who just like their ancestors call themselves Southern.

God has bless me to feel not only the love that my Southern family has felt for the African people that has resonated from the beginning, but to also understand the oft time, if hate can be justified, that put asunder much of that love, and those who would orchestrate that divide between us, before, during, and especially after the War Between the States, and to this very day.

I have been privy to so many family letters of this epoch, the rarest of books written by the likes of Dabney, Hancock, Calhoun, and contemporary writers like Scruggs, Barrows, DeLorenzo, Chaltas, White, the Kennedy brothers, etc., etc.. And not to mention, conversations held with some of the smartest men and women of the day. I feel well prepared to present the case of probably the most honorable, loving, caring, and patriotic people who truly epitomized in all their being, and those of their ancestors who made a stand against those who would illegally invade their homeland, are among the finest humans on God’s earth, and deserve in this Sesquicentennial vindication from the planned villification set about by the Puritans whose avarice appetite has no immoral limitations. Nor does the Poverty Pimps who have climbed into bed with them who claim to be Southern, yet who would have those of us who are, become traitors to our homeland and to the memory of those free or indentured who would never have had a part in their vile scheme.

Your brother,