Gerald Woods – 5/16/2011 Message

Re: Petition To Keep H.K. Edgerton On Facebook


Brother H.K. Edgerton is our ambassador to the world for our Southern Confederacy. If you can at all help, please send a donation to him now so he can continue to educate the public with his from the heart speeches. I will wire to him a $100 pledge and challenge all my contact list to match this. You can donate through his website,, or you can do as I will, and wire a donation through either MoneyGram or Western Union, for quicker turn-around. Educating “we the people” is the most vital thing we can do to bring folks into this movement.

Deo Vindice!
Gerald Woods

“The Cause of the South is the Cause of us all.”
Vice-President Alexander Stephens, Confederate States of America