John Shelton – 5/24/2011 Message

Thanks for coming to Memphis and helping the Veteran who could not display his flag at a VA hospital. The Memphis Chanel 3 WREG News was showing you there this morning. Next time you’re in town give us a shout. You have a place to stay here anytime friend!

Love you brother HK.

-John Shelton


From: HK Edgerton
Date: Wed, May 25, 2011

God bless you John, and thanks. It was a great honor for my brother and I, and I am sure for Commander L. Milar and one of his men from the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Memphis, and not to forget Mr. Carl Amerling whose name I hope I spelled right, to be able to visit with a man of such courage as Sgt. Thrasher. It is he and folks like young Candice Hardwick of Latta, S.C. who truly depict what come closest to the moments of heroism that our ancestors of the past exhibited when faced with insurmountable odds, and a sure path of personal sacrifice that for most would be an unbearable burden to carry. Yet, it is this courage that they exude from their being that makes them Southern, a very special thing to be in God’s Universe.

Your brother,