Ida Clark Atkins – 5/30/2011 Message

Mr Edgerton, I am thrilled to be writting to you but once again. I am in awe of the T-Shirts you have photo’s of on your profile pics. Where and can they be purchased? I would love to walk into somee places here in the Richmond area wearing one of them! Not to start riots or get myself shot mind you but to make a statement in this place of hippocracy that once stood for Freedom and the Southern way of life! We are so inundated here with everything thats wrong with being Southerners and the Confederacy. I want to speak out but am stopped at every turn! How long brother, how long, before we can stand with pride and not be bombarded with hate and mistrust? Yopu have done so much for the cause and I am so proud to know you if only here on Facebook and yet I wonder…where are the others who would stand for the truth? I see white men cower in shame and the young black men filled with such indifference. Is nothing sacred to anyone anymore? Can they not hear the idiocy of their follies? I watch good men give everything they have to fight for this country and lay down their lives for it and yet people still are in bondage here because they are afraid of the truth! Sorry to go on but today being Memorial Day has me worked up over many things! Sorry for my ramblings. If you would share your T-Shirt info I would truely appreciate it! Ida Atkins