Chris Knight – 6/8/2011 Message

Re: Confederate Monument mess in Reidsville

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

You probably heard by now about the to-do here in Reidsville about this town’s Confederate Soldiers Monument. It was accidentally hit on the morning of May 23rd by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. The marble statue of the Confederate soldier atop the monument… well, he’s in pieces. LOTS of pieces. His head had to be surgically removed from the hood of the van.

In a sane world the town would have just gotten the dude’s insurance company to pay for repairs and that would have been it. Unfortunately this isn’t a sane world and Reidsville, probably less so (and I say that as an almost life-long resident!)

City council met today to hear public comments about it. As you can probably imagine it drew many who want the monument not only to not be repaired but to be removed entirely, because it’s “racist”, a monument to a “lost cause”, etc.

Here’s the write-up that I did this evening about it. Thought I’d send it to you 🙂

Hope you are well good sir!

God bless,


Dear Chris,

Indeed I am privy to the situation there in the Historic community of Reidsville. I would be ashamed of any community in the Southland of America who would not repair, clean, or any manner beautify and keep out of disaray the areas a Confederate soldiers monument is within. This monument is a testimonial not only to a citizen soldier who in all respects was and is an American hero, but to an honorable people who have been maligned. Yet in large respects, it is also indicative of the honor of the American Government for allowing these monuments to stand all across America as a testimonial of a man and section of this nation consecrated in defeat, yet no less noble in character, courage, and defenders of the very principles set forth by the Founders of this nation as outlined in the Constitution. It is high time for the Federal Government to step forward and defend its honor, if there is any left.

I hear the call of the people of Reidsville. God bless you.

Your brother,