James Michael Walsh III – 6/17/2011 Message

Thank you for responding, Sir. 🙂 It’s inspiring to hear voices like your’s, especially being from up north, where the Union version of history is so thick you can’t even say “Confederate States” without people in general thinking about racism and slavery.

I was born and raised in New England, but my heart and soul are with the “Cause” of the CSA, and the foundations based on our Founding Fathers that they faught for. No matter what happens to America, with so many Progressives in politics these days, I will always be for “Less Government,” States’ Rights, and our Founding Father’s dream for this continent, and the union between the States. If case scenerio were to come in our life time, I’d even be willing to give my life for the freedoms of my fellow Americans, and the TRUE way things aught to be organized in the “US”…from before Lincoln administration (other than the actual slavery and racial atmosphere…politically speaking, that is, organization wise).

I will email you to get your updates, and favorite the web site. Wish FB actually practiced what it claims to be for, and not put restrictions on how many friends people can “have” or “request.” lol

God bless you, and your family!

Much love and respect: