George Roland Wills – 7/9/2011 Message Reply

H.K. Edgerton:

Dear Dr. Manning, I read with great attention anything that you have to say because it is usually right on target. However, far too many people fail to realize that the downward spiral for this Republic started with the invasion of the South. And today unfortunately Southerners are either afraid or just don’t have the will to Civil Rights fight, and usually abandon those who do stand up on the field of battle with no resources to fight with, or beat up on their champions far worse than any who oppose them. Our Southern babies and mostly young Southern girls like Candice Yvonna Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina who gallantly gave meaning to the words “I’ll make a Stand in Dixieland”, usually find themselves in a theater of loneliness as we turn a blind eye and act as though we don’t see the turmoil they are facing. Two days ago, I sent out a plea for help for young Candice whose life has been literally destroyed and continously threatened. Instead of folks of the South rushing to embrace this baby with love and help like she gave to us all, we gave our resouces to the likes of Mitt Romney ($6,000,000) who said of the Southern Cross, “I wouldn’t ever fly that thing.” John McCain came here and said how ashamed he was of his Southern ancestors, and walked out of the South with $4,000,000. Candice was deemed the Poster Child for the war waged against us, her attorneys donned black trench coats and dark glasses, put her and themselves on a shirt with the caption; “Justice is coming”. And all this baby girl has seen is torture, and has been told that she was going to be made an example of so that no other child from Latta or the rest of the country would make another Stand in support of Dixieland. If this New Confederate Army wants to impress me, then let’s help make an example of Candice by leading the charge to raise funds to put her life back on track. Let’s make her the real $6,000,000 girl. Her mailing address is 2942 Hunter Way, Dillon, S.C. 29536. Please don’t let my $20 be her only saving grace. God bless you. Your brother, HK


George Roland Wills – 7/9/2011 Reply

Mr. Edgerton, the entire focus of this “symbolic repression” comes from one source, and one source only… The American left. While John McCain and Mitt Romney’s sole function in life seems to help split the vote (see also Ross Perot) to put yet another totalitarian collectivist socialist into office (as did the existence of a Bell, Breckinridge, and a Douglas, who also helped a loser named Abraham Lincoln finally get somewhere, politically) we won’t miss either of them here in the South for any reason, ever… But this Left cannot stand the light of day, and they cower behind lying official historians and Pro-Yankee Chat Sites and their bought-off media, Hollywood, and their progressive filth. We must expose them as the crime. They THINK they are the government, and have thought so since 1865… They are not. They are Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and Abraham Lincoln… They are the ones who have worked day and night to destroy the Constitution, and bring forth The Federalist Party, The Whig party, the Radical Republicans, and now the LIberal Democrats… Like demons from hell, all you have to do is call them by name, and they shriek and run away! They are too cowardly to own up to who they are, and of whom they were! They are not the United States government, and they never were… but they, like Satan, believe that they are the god of the world, and the Federal empire of North America… and they are evil… and in the name of Yeshua, be gone!


Bro John Storms Bsp – 7/11/2011 Reply

Well said George, very well said!!