Cherina M. Davis – 7/11/2011 Message Reply

H.K. Edgerton:

Dear Ms. Cherina, young Candice Hardwick asked me to thank you very, very, very much and the New Confederate Army for coming to her aid. She is humble by the show of support. And she also wishes to express her thanks as well to Dixie Outfitters and its staff, and so many others. I look so much forward to show and tell at your school, and so does Commander Joe Sparcino of the Dixie defenders Camp of the Sons in Cross City, Florida. He is another Saint that God has sent to me. God bless you, and I like Candice thank you very, very, very much! Your brother, HK


Cherina M. Davis – Reply

Mr. Edgerton, I was very glad to extend help to Ms. Candice. There is absolutely no need to thank me or the NCA for our support as it is our honor to be of service to anyone who loves the Confederacy. You are the blessing for bringing her plight to my attention and any thanks or appreciation belongs to you. I am also looking forward to the day of show and tell. What an honor that will be!! I would love to meet anyone that has inspired you or has been a blessing in your life so, please communicate my invitation of ‘show and tell’ to Commander Sparcino. Please send out the word to everyone you know about our organization which Mr. Charles Goodson has created and ask them to contact me to be a part of the New Confederate Army. On behalf of General Goodson and our organization, God bless you, Mr. Edgerton. Candice is in our thoughts and prayers. ~C~