Bill Hicks – 7/13/2011 Post Comment, “Respect Confederate Flags” Group

H.K. Edgerton – 7/12/2011 Comment

“If you find Bill Hicks name attached; you can believe it’s something.”


Bill Hicks – 7/12/2011 Comment

“Hey, H.K.–hope you have an easier day out on the front lines than the last one you reported. God bless you!


H.K. Edgerton – 7/13/2011 Comment

Dear Bill, Actually it was a great day you speak of. This morning I learned I have a new name. As I made my way toward the Continental Divide, a little baby boy shouted out from his car seat, mom look there goes the Flag man again. Hey Flag man! Then came the shout of my name from one of the Black garbage collection men as he pumped his fist in a show of adoration. I truly find more love on these streets as the spirit of my Southern family always seems to be uplifted. God bless you. Your brother, HK


Bill Hicks – 7/13/2011 Comment

Brother H.K., that flag of yours has been seen by millions and every journey you take is observed and the way you handle your detractors is something we all can learn from. Your Southern family loves you and is walking with you in spirit, every step, every mile of the way.