Gail Parker – 9/16/2011 Message

HK, I know you meet many people in all your travels thruout the South and I know it’s hard to remember them all . I have 2 granddaughters who used to reenact with me and have met you several times including the time you came to Monterey to help us celebrate Stand Stone day. They are now 18 and 20 yrs old. They still talk about you and how you have been such a positive influence on their lives. The younger one just graduated from Basic training in Lackland SFB and has told me often how she has defended her Southern Heritage and corrected her peers about the South . She heard it from you. My 20 yr old is studying to be a teacher and is a fire ball when it comes to defense of the Battle Flag and her roots. She also learned these lessons from you. I know you have things you stand for and morality and clean living are part of it. I know also you are a man who stands by his principles. Facebook is a medium which can be very useful but it also lets cowardly sniveling runts like this boy who has used it wrongly. I hope you will reconsider, but you must follow your convictions. Just be sure to keep up the fight, you have so many friends and young children that need to still hear the message. God Bless you my friend, Catch you at the next reenactment..