Phillip Hankins – 7/26/2012 Message

Brother H.K.

My name is Phillip Hankins i am a member of 797. I have a black friend who wants to join but doesn’t want to be an uncle tom. how can i get him to open his eyes and see the truth.


From: HK Edgerton []
Date: Thu, Jul 26, 2012

Dear Phillip,

Please send him to my web site,, and I believe he also needs a history lesson on Uncle Tom. He must join the Sons not for what others think about him, but what he thinks about his ancestors of color who earned a place of honor while in the service of their homeland, no matter their social status. In the Southland of America, we were and still are family, no matter that there are those who shall forever be trying to separate us with their distorted truths. Tell the brother that he will not be alone, and shall be welcomed by some of the most honorable, God loving people in this land. I say this even though I am jealous of all the love I get and hate to share. However, I am constantly reminded that there is plenty to go around. God bless you.

Your brother,