David Andrews II – 8/15/2012 Comment

Mr HK, I know your schedule and or funding as you speak of from time to time may not allow, but I am recruiting re-enactors for my buddy, who is a professional producer/director in the music and film industry here in Nashville, TN. He knows my love and passion, as yours, for the Southland, SCV, Confederacy, my knowledge of history on the matter, as well as passion of being a living historian, such as you…some even refer to it as “re-enacting”…LOL.

Anyways, a famous country music group is getting ready to do the video shoot and I was assiged the task for finding the location(s), re-enactors, artillery, special effects, and supplies. I know this is short notice; I was upset, too. But this is the norm in this industry, with tour dates, shows, studio time, travel, etc…so the label and management has given us/me less than a month to get as much of this all rounded up, for Sept. 7-8, as I possibly can, just south of Nashville, Tn.

The group is a husband wife duo, they go by Joey+Rory. He (Rory) stumbled across a soldier’s letters from the Army of Tennessee….all while researching his historic farm in Maury County. He loved the soldier’s writing and realized it is an art long lost. The soldier’s wife was Josephine, thus the name of the song. It has recently been released on national country music radio. If you goto YouTube and enter “Joey Rory Josephine”, you will fall in love with the telling of how the song came to be and the actual playing of it, at a festival, before it was actually recorded in studio.

I am so excited because it is about the Southron soldier! In teaching my producer/director buddy about the truth of the WBTS, I have often mentioned my hero, Mr. HK Edgerton! It finally hit me today!!! What in the world would it hurt to send HK a message and ask him to see if he would come join us for the video film shoot?!?! This is a type video that not only will be on Youtube, of course, but GAC (Great American Country—the network for country music videos…not to insult you there….I realize all my re-enactors arent country music fans…I personally love all tasteful forms of True and Talented music, no matter who or what it is coming from)

Anyways, I would absolutely LOVE for you to be a part of this! LOVE it! And of course the PC police would just be floored and not know what to think! What a great opportunity to open the flood gates to make a bold statement of truth, that the black man was a bearer of the Southron cross and stood toe to toe with his friend, the white man…and wasnt no real problem, until the Tyrant Abe decided there should be…well there was problems, but hopefully you know what I’m saying.

I look forward to your reply and understand if you arent able.