Kirk David Lyons – 10/24/2012 Message

Draft based on 2002 proclamation



That H.K. Edgerton is a true Son of the South and a committed friend of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

THAT H.K. Edgerton, at great personal risk to himself, has been fearless in defending our flag from Texas to Virginia in marches, speeches and solo vigils.

THAT H.K. Edgerton has always conducted himself as a gentlemen in his dealings with our detractors; and

THAT 10 years ago in October 2002, H.K. Edgerton embarked on an historic & successful 1,603 mile March Across Dixie; and

THAT H. K. Edgerton walked the entire route from Asheville, North Carolina to Austin & Buda, Texas, carrying a Confederate flag and wearing a Confederate uniform, and

THAT H. K. Edgerton did so to proclaim Confederate Heritage, draw attention to forgotten Black Confederates and to fundraise for Confederate causes; and

WHEREAS H.K. Edgerton now plans to embark, again 10 years later on the same cross country trip of some 1600 miles in which he will wear a Confederate uniform, walk and carry Confederate flag; and

WHEREAS this trip will take him in or through the SCV Divisions of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas; and

WHEREAS this trip is being made to raise awareness in the public’s mind of the vicious and escalating assault on our Confederate heritage and to raise money for SCV Heritage Defense Fund and the SLRC; and

WHEREAS H.K. Edgerton is being accompanied by his brother Terry Lee who will chronicle the trip by video recording for posterity

Therefore, I Michael R. Givens, Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans do request that all members, and especially those members through whose division their march shall pass, do all they can to aid, succor and assist H.K. Edgerton and his brother on their march Through Dixie. I further request that H.K. Edgerton and his brother be given food and shelter, that Compatriots insure their safe passage through their state, county and community, that special meetings be held for them so they can speak on the March Across Dixie and raise money for their worthy endeavor, and, that every compatriot, Camp, and Brigade Division, and Army consider pledging as much as they can to raise money for H.K. Edgerton’s march for Heritage Defence.

I further request and encourage that all Army, Division, Brigade and Camp Commanders along the line of march consider issuing their own proclamations consistent with mine.

Signed this _______________day of October, 2012

Commander in Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans